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Hope to see ya There!



Ohh how we love the cooler days. Since today was one of those days mom moved our cages outside. Of course not rocky’s because hes got a castle for a cage! We stayed outside and played for about an hour and then the sun popped out and mom  had to move us back inside again because it was hot out 😦 at least we got some outside time!


Hey Outside World!!

Today I got 2 packages in the mail. and they were just for me.I didnt have to share. I got a training collar. I tried it on and it was a little too big but good thing it is adjustable. I also got a “How to train a guard dog book” Mom said that she is really wanting me to be something besides an ordanary dog. and since I like biteing the padded sleeve I should be a guard dog. But mom cant start with that training until my obediance training is done. I cant Wait!!!


Look at what I got!!

Thats what momma would say. But Not me. I love playing with bugs. The bigger the better. This time it was a big Palmeto bug. For those of you who dont know what it is. It is like a cockroach but bigger and it can fly. I tried stomping on it. But it wouldnt squish. and then it got away on me. Thats ok though. Because when It came back out I caught it again. BOL.


Look mom...I caught it!!!


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Ha..Ha. I was excited. And when I get excited It looks like I do a little dance but I am just rocking Back and forth. Mom caught me on video. Sorry its so dark. It always turns out a little darker on youtube for some reason.

I tell you that thing was on my tail. The only way to get away from it was run. and so that is just what I did. check out my video!


Dont Touch It!!!!

Mom entered me into a photo contest. It would be great if You voted for me Thanks.


Splish Splash

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Well Mom finally called and made an appointement for my Big Girl Surgery. Yeah I am getting fixed. I am not all that excited about it. To tell you the truth. I am a little scared about the whole thing. It might seem like a while before I have to go and get it done, But that Day will be here before I know it. 😦


Im Getting What?!?

Today is My 4 month old birthday. Can you belive that I have lived in my new home for 1 month. It dont seem that long. Ohh How time fies.


Happy birthday to me...Happy birthday to me...

I just love my baby. When I get in the way mom tells me to go find my baby and so I do and then I lay on the floor and play with my baby. I know right where the  squeeker is too. BOL


My baby...My baby...Where ever I go, he goes...My baby...My baby